Latest Party Songs from Mika Singh - Whiskey ho ya Rum - "The Dream Job" new Hindi Movie

03-16-2017 23:54 Bollywood 02:29


Movie Credits: Starring: Zuber K Khan, Prasad Shikhare, Sadhvi Bhattt, Ritambhra Shrotriya , Vikas Shrivastava, Durgesh Kumar, Sajjad Khan Directed by: Mukesh Mishra Produced by: Vinod Adaskar, Santosh Patil, B.V.Chopde, S Gore & Mukesh Mishra Whiskey Rum. - Dur -4:15 Composed by Kashi Richard Singer :- Mika Singh & Aishwarya Nigam Rap-Aishwarya Nigam Backing Vocals :- Kashi Kashyap & Lyrics :- Mukesh Mishra Choreographer :- Darshan Sarolkar Programmed by :- Vivian Richard Guitar:-Richard Mithra Shahnai - omkaar Acoustic -kashi kashyap -anup shankar Voice record by julian Mixed and Mastered at Gray Spark Audio Pune Mix Engineer:Harshad Sathe Mastering : Engineer:Ronak Runwal Shahnai manchekar LOG-LINE: “Owe the Responsibility / be the owner of the situation& Convert opportunity in to a massive Success” is “The Real Work!” SYNOPSIS: The Dream Job, the motion picture produced by Real Reels Production is a film that journeys through the delicate lives of a group of contemporary youth in the world of private banking. The Dream Job is a story of the blossoming and unravelling lives of this group of youth. Mukesh, Kapil, Mona, Pinki, RK and Parvez are passing out of their graduate college and fate has it that they are getting employed in a private bank. As if wending through a baptism of fire it’s a story of their coming-of-age as they step into a harsher world of work and livelihood. It’s also a poignant tale of the young making and breaking formative relationships of love and use, and the slow realisation of their lasting aspirations and real responsibilities. We undertake a journey with them of metamorphosis and transformation, of knowing and of becoming… Full Audio on -